Changes are Needed

seriously answer me this. Why are we willing to be miserable at a company, rather than be happy doing the things we love?

YES I know dreams won’t pay the bills, BUT THE BULLSHIT of it all is that it is NORMAL for us to stress at a job just to get by. My job I work 40+ a week as a scheduler, that entails that I alternate 3 day of being on-call after hours and the next week 4 days on-call after hours WHICH MEANS I AM WORKING 24 HOURS 3-4 TIMES A FREAKING WEEKS!!!!!!!! And yet I get attitude towards me when I have to take care of personal business (God forbid) that couldn’t be dealt with on the weekend. Don’t ever thing about becoming sick…. because you know we can still work remotely.

I think it high time for me to finally work for me, instead of someone else. and I know first hand that that is easier said than done. but things defiantly need to change. Sorry for the rant, but there comes a breaking point to where all the bullshit isn’t worth it anymore.

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