Day 1 in the books.. kinda

Whelp March came in like every other day. The impending weight in my chest on my drive to work. Do you ever get that feeling? The closer you get the tighter your chest feels, like you’re trying to get in a body suite and someone is trying to vacuum seal it, that type of tightening.

Honestly I really don’t know who would really read something like this. I’m nobody really. Just a woman trying to find something to get the thoughts out of my head I guess.

I did read something that I do plan on saying or at least reading once a day. Now I don’t know how many people believe in the law of attraction or affirmations but I am trying my had at ” attracting” more into my life, so this is what it said.

” I am ready and excited for everything that March had to offer. This month is going to bring me new streams of income, new opportunities, new breakthroughs, and unexpected blessings. March will be the best month of this year so far. I am open and ready to receive all that is meant for me this month” -Third Eye Thoughts.

This time last year was when the pandemic really started to take hold. On my birthday I got laid off, spent my 30th by myself, and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. Now I’m turning 31, the pandemic is still here, but at least I wont be alone this year right haha. But yeah so that was most of my main focus to help get me through the day along with the long awaited Upper Body work out I had waiting for me at the local YMCA. I’ll be luck if I can put my hair in a ponytail tomorrow.

So far March is off to a pretty meh start. So to whomever is reading this I would like to get to know you. How was the beginning to your March? What did you do to move your body today? What made you stressed out and how did you change it? Lets talk.

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