Curse of the Lull

That’s right my Lovies! We have our first SETBACK of this training cycle. Now with moving during a pandemic. We made the decision to put our things in storage in the previous state we were living in. So naturally when we actually find an apartment, we have to go pick up the rest of out things from storage. Which lead to us taking a FULL week off of the gym and running, and then my father spent a week and a half with us, so yea no gym with that either and a lot more drinking then I normally would enjoy in a day lol. So starting all over seems like the right thing to do since I have 147 days left till the race that is still only postpones and not canceled(fingers crossed). Not to mention having more health issues ( don’t worry I don’t have the rona) it just makes me not want to run at the moment…. How do you combat with lulls and setbacks?

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