Level Achieved

So I finally bit the bullet and got myself the cheapest, most basic laptop. because I 1. needed it to finish school while me 10 year old desktop is in storage. 2. Didn’t want to be looking at my phone 24/7 like every other Gen Z and Millennial. So I figured a laptop would make me feel and look like I actually have something important to do. Haha Also! OH SHIT! Besides my remaining $4,000 in student loans( f**k you Sallie Mae!) and my beloved $9,776 and some change car payment, I AM MOTHER F**KING DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooh! I don’t know if you know this but I for one have a HORRIBLE relationship with money. Just like most 30 something year olds now a days. Because school systems never taught us how to budget, or spend wisely, or how to be an adult. Way to go american school system. But I finally did it! I was able to pay off every single credit card, late payment, memory foam mattress. DONE, ZIP, NO MORE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO does it feel so good! So yeah I’m feeling pretty boss now. I just have to keep training for this Half marathon I raised money for and pray that it doesn’t get rescheduled again ( because Rona do be like that sometimes) and continue my plans to become a personal trainer. So yea I’d say this is a pretty great level achievement: Adulting


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